Ephrata Area Social Services

"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

The mission of Ephrata Area Social Services is: to channel resources into a network of support for Neighbors in need of Human Resources.

News and Events

Ephrata Area Social Services came into being on October 4, 1971.
During the year we will shout out, This is our 45th Anniversary.
Watch for it...
Look for us at Hospital Day in the Park, Sat. June 4th, Tom Grater Park.
Also, have you car washed on Sat. Aug. 20th at our 227 N. State St. facility.
Cost...free will donation of food or funds.
Local Lion Clubs have been busy conducting Food Drives for the EASS Food Bank.
Watch for groups collecting food for EASS as you go about your Friday and Saturday
grocery shopping trips.
Holiday Exchange Program

The EASS 2015 Holiday Exchange Program is now complete.  Click here is see how many people we helped in 2015!

 Thanks to all who participated.  This program has been running for 44 years.  Join us in 2016 and see how it feels to help a family at Christmas. 

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Fuel, Energy and Family Assistance 

The 2015 Fund Raising Campaign has brought in $50,000.

Thanks to all who contributed.  You can continue supporting the EASS Mission

by using the MAKE A DONATION here on our web site. 

Free Community Meals

Meals Served Every Thursday
At One Of These Locations:

- Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
- Bethany United Church of Christ
- First United Methodist Church

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Food donations are needed to keep up with demand

we are experiencing from family's in need.

Donations of food can be made Mon. thru Fri, 9:00am to 4:00pm at 227 N. State St.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Meals on Wheels

Board Of Directors

Message from the Executive Director, Tom Swalwell

Winter, 2016

As I enter my 17th Year as the Executive Director of Ephrata Area Social Services I find myself thinking about the experience…my being a member of the EASS family and EASS being a part of the Ephrata/Cocalico community.

At the time of my arrival at EASS, January 2000, I had little knowledge of what I was in for. Previous to my starting here I worked for a large “not for profit” agency in Lancaster City. I wasn’t privy to what was happening in the Ephrata area per say. For me, at the time, it was a bedroom community.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get involved with a job that, at first glance, looked like a 24/7 commitment. It was during my interview and tour of the facility and orientation to what EASS was all about that I began to grasp the EASS standing in the community.

That understanding was reinforced frequently as I worked my way through the early months of my tenure meeting folks from the church and business community. Then I ran into the Lions Clubs, Rotary’s, Woman’s Club, teachers and folk coming into the building daily to drop something off…food, clothing, books and other sorts of things intended to help someone in need. I noticed that I looked forward to coming to work. I wondered about! What was it that gave me this upbeat attitude?

I didn’t think that I knew what I really did know…I just didn’t know how to describe it. After all these years I still have a high level of enthusiasm. But, I’m still not exactly sure how to explain it…It definitely has something to do with the people. With all of those coming in to give of their time to the Food Bank, to the Meals on Wheels program, to the Clothing Bank and to help out in the office. Then you have all of the organizations like the Lion Club’s who give precious time to food drives. I have come to admire volunteers. Those on the EASS board not only carry out the purpose of the organization by meeting on a regular basis they also do food drives and car washes and Hospital Day in the Park and help in the Food Bank as well at other events planned to advance the mission.

I see volunteers all over doing work they feel is needed to keep our community vital and functioning. Service seems to go hand and foot with a great number of people residing in the Ephrata and Cocalico area. I know that I am in a very unusual position, actually is a unique one of a kind place to be, which gives me a slanted view of things. Wouldn’t you say though, that it’s a good place to be? Because of my unique vantage point I am able to see all that is good in our community.

The flip side of all this is that there are individuals…families, young and old, needing assistance to make it in today’s world. Whether it be due to no, low or under employment…diminishing capabilities, disability…aging! They nonetheless need some level of assistance to get by. We are but one of several organizations established to be a part of the solution when it comes to helping those in need. Our place in that mix is just a little different though. As I’m writing this piece, Pennsylvania is without a budget. Agencies, education and others needing public funds to operate are scrambling to meet expenses. EASS is not scrambling…We are privately funded. Remarkable in that, we have existed for all but 45 years come October 2016, doing what we do for, now, several thousand people, members of families residing in the Ephrata and Cocalico communities.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors…its worked well for some 44 plus years. With the ways things are I don’t see why it shouldn’t go for another 44…providing it receives the ongoing support it has become accustomed to…